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Most Common Mistakes Homeowners Make Concerning Their Roofing

Taking care of your house is your priority and duty, as a Houston homeowner. So, you probably realize that taking care of your roofing is one of the most important details. This is because your roof has the important job of taking care of the entire rest of your house. It is the first line… Read More

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How to Ensure You Have Efficient Heating For Your Home

Being a Houston homeowner means heating is not usually a top priority. The amount of cold weather may seem somewhat insignificant, especially when compared with other parts of the country. However, when you do need to turn on your heat, you need to feel certain that you are not going to just be wasting money…. Read More

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Houston Storm Damage Repair

Tips To Be Prepared For Houston Storm Damage Repairs When the weather is great here in Houston, we don’t think much about storm damage repairs. But the savvy homeowner will have been prepared for storm damages from hail, hurricanes, or high winds. Have a roof repair contractor on hand prior to any storms that could… Read More

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Important Storm Repair Tips for Your Austin Roofing

The most important part of your Austin commercial or residential building is the roofing. This is what protects the rest of your home, including the people and belongings inside. So even if your rooftop is slightly damaged by a storm, or any other event, you could be risking your entire structure. So it is important… Read More

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How Much is Involved in a Roof Inspection in Conroe

You should have your roof checked annually. An older roof without being looked at can be a failed system that ends up costing you more in the end because you’ve waited so long. There is a lot involved with a Conroe roof inspection. An inspection is one of the best things that you can do… Read More

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Professional roof inspections are available in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas for residential and commercial customers. At Roofs R Us, you’ll have roofing experts with over a decade of experience to provide you with professional roofing inspections.   We offer full roofing services, from shingle replacement, to roof tear offs, to gutters and downspouts, you’ll… Read More

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Should You Choose Vinyl or Wood Replacement Windows

Replacement windows are a great way to help make your Houston home more energy efficient. Texas summers are notoriously hot and humid, and aging windows can often allow the muggy outside air to leak indoors. This can result in higher energy bills. When you’re deciding on replacement windows, one of the major decisions you’ll be… Read More

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Roof Repairs

When it comes to roof repairs, the average homeowner has a tendency to procrastinate. The problem is that continuing to ignore minor repairs is the best way to end up needing major repairs. Even worse, you could end up needing Austin roof replacement. The first thing you should keep in mind is just how important… Read More

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Your Options For Professionally Installed Houston Replacement Windows

When your windows start showing signs of wear, you might want to look closely at your options in having professionals install Houston replacement windows right away.  This is one way by which you can keep your home in tip-top shape inside and out, and save you a lot of money in repair costs while at… Read More

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Houston Vinyl Siding Fix-Ups and Replacements To Freshen Up Your Home’s Exterior

Giving your exterior walls a little TLC every now and then can freshen it up and revive its protection against the weather elements, and looking to replace your existing old and worn wooden sidings with Houston vinyl siding alternatives might give you a more durable yet equally handsome option.  Early in the new millennium, homeowners… Read More

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